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The Milwaukee Brotherhood of Fire Fighters Residency Statement

In the spirit of unity, collective work, responsibility, and cooperative economics. It is imperative that we come together at this moment in history to preserve the legacy of diversity in the city of Milwaukee .The Milwaukee Brotherhood of Fire Fighters has a rich past of striving for justice and equality within the fire service and ensuring excellent customer service for our community as a whole. The Milwaukee Brotherhood of Fire Fighters will continue making a difference in the lives of our most vulnerable, neglected, and less fortunate citizens through our outreach programs to foster a safe and healthy environment for all of our residents.

The Milwaukee Brotherhood of Fire Fighters believes lifting the residency requirement will be detrimental to the city’s goal and desire to have a diverse workforce, because frankly outside of Milwaukee there is very little if any diversity. Trust and believe you won’t see an influx of people of color rushing in from out of town to apply for city of Milwaukee jobs, because the state of Wisconsin is hyper-segregated!!


This is one of our reasons we support Mayor Barrett’s view concerning Milwaukee’s residency requirement for all city employees .We strive to one day see a workforce that mirrors the residents it serves!

The Milwaukee Brotherhood of Fire Fighters find it ironic that many of the Fire Fighters who benefited from 5 additional residency points on their entrance exam and who are now advocating lifting the residency requirement, would have never become Milwaukee Fire Fighters without receiving residency points!

The Milwaukee Fire Department has a motto,” COURAGE-INTEGRITY-HONOR” Those who want to lift the residency requirements don’t honor our city, don’t have the courage to live as part of our community, and don’t possess the integrity it takes to serve in our city!

In closing the Milwaukee Brotherhood of Fire Fighters are committed to all the residents of Milwaukee, City of Milwaukee government, The Milwaukee Fire department, and all who visit our beautiful city on a daily basis. Cases in point, if you don’t reside in the city of Milwaukee you are visitors and our guest. Please, if there is anything you need don’t hesitate to ask, because we pledge to go above and beyond to make your stay a memorable one.

Umoja – Ujima – Ujamaa,

Milwaukee Brotherhood of Fire Fighters past president Tony Jones Jr.

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