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Members of the Brotherhood


The Milwaukee Brotherhood of Firefighters was established in 1979 as a chapter of the North Central Region of the International Association of Black Professional Firefighters with the purpose of expanding the national network of African American firefighters and the communities they serve.

The Milwaukee Brotherhood of Firefighters ;

Collect and evaluate data on all deleterious conditions everywhere African Americans exist.
Compile information concerning the injustices in the Fire Service and implement actions to correct them.
Promote interacial progress ,diversity,and equality throughout the Fire Service.
Insure qualified and competent African Americans are recruited and employed as firefighters.
Advise and motivate African Americans to seek advancement to elevated ranks of the Fire Service.


It is incumbent on all African American Firefighters to make the Fire Service relevant to the needs, expectations, and aspirations of the citizens we serve. We strive to have a workforce that reflects the city that it serves.

By addressing these problems we aim to ;

Partner with the Milwaukee Fire Department to improve fire education and safety intiatives in the areas of greatest need , where our most disadvantaged ,neglected and exploited citzens reside.
Reduce the number of fire fatalities ,violent injuries,and infant mortality in our community.
Assist the city of Milwaukee with its goal and desire to have a diverse Fire Department.
Serve as mentors and role models.
Provide recruitment, career siminars , training and guidance.
Help build a healthy and safe Milwaukee by following these three principles of Kwanzaa,
1.Umoja - Unity....

2. Ujima - Collective work and responsibility.

3. Ujamaa - Cooperative economics.

Our membership is open to individuals of any race, gender or nationality that agree to adhere to our bylaws, and are willing to support our purpose and aims.

African proverb ; For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today !

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